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Our Newsletter has now got a name. Its neither a pseudonym nor a nick name. There was no name-day either. It occurred suddenly in our mind. The name is ‘Anuranan’. Anuranan connects two inner-beings by means of vibrational synchronization. Its a feeling much beyond emotion – the feeling that emanates from the deepest place in the heart – the feeling that acts as power of the soul – the feeling that is all pervading – the feeling that is coeval with the origin of universe – the feeling that sees everything as pure – the feeling that goes on whirling all the time and creates a vibration which touches the feeling of its counterpart. This feeling is not the outcome of pleasure or desire or expectation. This feeling is without words. This feeling is without thought – the thought that whirls around it and throws it into shadow and overpowers it with mountainous fears and longings. This feeling does not create any confusion within ourselves. This feeling help us know what the purpose of life is. This feeling brings about the sense of faith, respect and devotion. This feeling culminates into love – the love which comes into being naturally as compassion. The love which creates an ambience of quietitude, silence and calmness. And in this calm, true knowledge comes. And in such a situation, there is no loud words. Voice from within comes out in the form of murmurings of a song.

We hope ‘Anuranan’ will help us connect you with the above spirit.

The monthly newsletters, published by our research wing serve as a knowledge sharing platform, addressing global and familiar socio-economic issues. Here is the list of some of our recent newsletters published for our readers.

  • Anuranan: VOL. NO. 10  (OCTOBER, 2017): Evolution of Human Being
  • Anuranan: VOL. NO. 9  (SEPTEMBER, 2017): The Cenozoic – the Age of Mammals and Emergence of the First True Humans
  • Anuranan: VOL. NO. 8  (AUGUST, 2017): The Mesozoic: The Most Important Post Cambrian Era
  • Anuranan: VOL. NO. 7  (JULY, 2017): Cambrian Explosion, Evolution of Plant and Animal Phyla and Formation of Supercontinent Pangaea
  • Anuranan: VOL. NO. 6 (JUNE, 2017): Climate Change, Transformation of Earth and Evolution of Life
  • Anuranan: VOL. NO. 5 (MAY, 2017): Climate Change, Transformation and Beginning of Life
  • Anuranan: VOL. NO. 4 (APRIL, 2017): Climate Change in the Universe and Birth of the Earth
  • Anuranan: VOL. NO. 3 (MARCH, 2017): The History of Early Universe
  • Anuranan: VOL. NO. 2 (FEBRUARY, 2017): Environmental Science: References from Sacred Texts
  • Anuranan: VOL. NO. 1 (JANUARY, 2017): Water Scarcity-A Looming Crisis for the Next Generation

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